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DEFINITIVE PRIZES DERBY DEL MEDITERRANEO 2022 based on 758 registered pigeons

Number of pigeons 1027


Reserves 269


Reserve pigeons will not be counted in the sum of registered pigeons for the calculation of cash prizes, they will have to be activated before the first release with prizes, Casasimarro.

In the event of not completing the prizes, the pigeons arrived would have their corresponding prize, plus the sum of all the prizes not covered, all the remaining money would be distributed equally among all the verified pigeons.

If only one pigeon arrived, all the prizes would go to him. And in the case of not checking any pigeons within the contest period, all the cash would be divided equally for all the pigeons that have been released on the day of the Final.

The End of Veredas will last the day of the release and one more, until 9:00 p.m., the day after the release.

Note._ The cash prizes will be subject to the legally established retention.