The reception is from February 15 to May 31, 2021 The organizing committee will communicate through this website the systems of sending, and payment.

To participate in the National Championship of Colombodromos, the fanciers will have to send their license number and the designation of the three participating pigeons to the reception of the same.

The pigeons must be accompanied by the property title.

To participate in the Grand Prix International Championship, the pigeon pedigree will be required in addition to the property title.

The number of pigeons to register per participant is free.

The registration price per pigeon is € 80. The cost of the transport is in charge of the participant.

For each 5 pigeons each participant have the option to add 2 reservations. In the case of reaching the first release with prizes, Cambrils, with all the pigeons plus a reservation, the participant would have to pay the amount of € 80 for each reserve pigeon that he wishes to activate. In the case of losing one or more, before the release of Cambrils, the reservation would enter free of charge. If the fancier does not want to activate the pigeon could be activated by anyone who pays the registration to be activated. If the pigeon obtained prizes in cash they would be for the activator of the pigeon and the auction and the other prizes that obtained would be for the breeder of the same one.

The reserve pigeons will not count in the sum of the registered pigeons, for the calculation of the cash prizes.

Any fancier with nest ring pigeons of the year 2021 (FCI), in the Northern Hemisphere, can participate.

The colombodromo is located about 7km. North of Castellón, in the town of Borriol.

The pigeons, once the registration has been made, will become the property of the organizing entity, with all the expenses derived from their care: vaccination, feeding, releases, etc.

Upon reception of the pigeons, they will be checked, vaccinated and electronically ringed, in order to better control them. If for any reason it is necessary to postpone, suspend or vary the conditions of the celebration of the Derby, the FCI, the RFCE and the Organizing Club, reserve the right to modify as they deem appropriate.

The organization is not responsible for any damages that may occur: accidents, robberies, etc.

So that a pigeon can get a prize in the ACE Pigeon Championship, he will have to make a mandatory mark in the Final of Montpellier within the time that the Final lasts.

The first 150 pigeons returning from the Montpellier Final and the top 50 classified in the general classification of ACE Pigeon, will be auctioned, being 50% of the proceeds for the owner, and the other 50% for the organization. The rest of the chicks will be 100% for the organization.


In the event that any of the 150 first pigeons of the final of Montpellier and the first 50 ACE Pigeon when going out to auction were not bid, the breeder could recover his pigeon for the amount of € 25 during the 3 days after the auction . (In the event that it was not bid or the breeder notified the organization during the 3 days following the end of the auction the allocation of the pigeon, the organization would fully dispose of said pigeon)

There will be two major Finals: - Blanes 300km. Final Middle, scoring for the FCI Grand Prix. - Final Fund Montpellier 518km., Scoring for the National Championship of Colombodromos, being the Party and delivery of prizes in this Final.


The pigeons will be basketed and each basket will carry the number of pigeons and a list with the ring number of all of them. The RFCE will designate a judge for the basket and release, the judge will be from the moment of the Basketing until the moment of release in direct contact with the pigeons to be able to perform all the inspections it deems appropriate.


The price of registration will be € 80 per pigeon. Any pigeon that has not formalized the payment of registration, will not be registered as a participant.

At the reception of the pigeons the title of property of the same ones will be obligatory, the commission would be grateful if they would provide the pedigree of them. (to participate in the Grand Prix International Championship, the pigeon pedigree is mandatory)