All registered pigeons will be the property of the participant

The Mediterranean Derby will not auction the pigeons.

The pigeon reception will take place from February 15th to May 31st, 2022. The organizing committee will communicate the delivery and payment systems through this website.

To participate in the Colombodromos National Championship, fanciers will have to send their license number. (Look at the bases of the DERBYS National Championship, Royal Spanish Pigeon Federation.)

The number of pigeons to register per participant is free.

The registration price per pigeon will be € 90. The carriage will be in charge of the participant.

For every 5 pigeons of each participant you will have the option of adding 3 reserves. In the case of reaching the first release with prizes, Casasimarro, with all the pigeons plus a reserve, the participant would have to pay the amount of € 90 for each reserve pigeon that he wishes to activate. In the case of losing one or more, before the release of Casasimarro, the reserve would enter for free. If the contestant does not want to activate the pigeon, it would become part of the organization, with the organization having full control to do what it considers appropriate, the participant losing all the rights of the pigeon.

The reserve pigeons will not count in the sum of the registered pigeons, for the calculation of the cash prizes.

Any fancier with nest ring chicks from the year 2022 (FCI), in the Northern Hemisphere, can participate.

The Colombodromo is located about 7km, North of Castellón, in the town of Borriol.

Once the registration is made, the pigeons will become the property of the participant, the organization running with all the expenses derived from their care: vaccination, feeding, loose, etc.

Upon receipt of the chicks, they will be checked, vaccinated.

If for any reason it is necessary to postpone, suspend or vary the conditions of the celebration of the Derby, the FCI, the RFCE and the organizing Club, reserve the right to modify as they consider.

The organization is not responsible for any damages that may occur: accidents, theft, etc.

In order for a pigeon to obtain a prize in the As Paloma Championship, it must compulsorily score in the Veredas Final within the time that the Final lasts.

The pigeons will be the property of the participant, at the end of the release of the final of Veredas 402km, the participant may get back their pigeons, or choose to carry out the special release of Mérida 557km recovering the pigeons after said release. The participant has a period of 30 days from the last release for the recovery and shipment of the chicks. The shipment of the pigeons will be borne by the participant.


The chicks will be basketed and each cage will carry the number of chicks and a list with the ring number of all of them. The RFCE will designate a judge for the cage and release, the judge will be from the moment of the cage until the moment of release in direct contact with the chicks to be able to carry out all the inspections that will be considered appropriate.


The registration fee will be € 90 per pigeon. Any pigeon that has not formalized the registration payment will not be registered as a participant.