Facilities Derby del Mediterráneo



When arriving at the colombodromo the pigeons pass to the reception cages being grouped by fanciers, where they are vaccinated and reviewed. From 8 to 10 days the pigeons will remain in this reception pigeon house before introducing them into the main pigeon house. In the previous editions we have made the same protocol and we have had very good results.

Image 360 of Derby del Mediterraneo


Para que así los verdaderos vencedores sean nuestras amigas las palomas mensajeras.

The Derby of the Mediterranean, is a derby created to promote pigeon fanfare. We have tried to make ideal facilities so that all participating pigeons have the best conditions for their health and their training.

The aim of the Mediterranean Derby is to unite the great pigeon family so that they can get together in a big party on the day of the Final Release, and that we can increase the level of our pigeons day by day.

This year we wanted to bet hard to make a real test value and courage of our pigeons. We will do, as you can see in the Training Plan, everything that is in our hands, so that the Derby of the Mediterranean, is a great success.
So that the true winners are our friends the carrier pigeons.